Welcome Signs Embrace Diversity

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Posted: Feb 02, 2018| Categories: Uncategorized

NCSS is the process of adding welcome signs to the entrance/lobby areas of all our facilities. Currently these signs are posted at the Main Office at 107 Fisher Pond Road. NCSS has always prided itself on being welcoming to everyone and these signs are a way of welcoming everyone from the community.

The signs were a brainchild of the Diversity and Cultural Awareness Committee at NCSS. The committee is cross-divisional with a purpose to establish and maintain a respectful and welcoming environment for all persons served and employed, by raising awareness and increasing sensitivity to achieve optimal health.  The journey to competence is outlined in the Agency’s Diversity Plan with the four tier review – service deliver, organizational environment, human resources and public relations.  The five key performance indicators involve ongoing education, visual representation, internal and community awareness, linguistics and a continued commitment to increasing awareness.




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