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Results Based Accountability (RBA) Outcomes


With changes across the state, in health care and government, the focus on outcomes is paramount. NCSS collaborates with community partners to provide the highest quality of care to those living in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.


Highlighted Outcome:

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Outcomes Reports

NCSS is please to share our Outcomes Reports that cover our three service divisions: Behavioral Health; Children, Youth & Family Services; and Developmental Services. NCSS began incorporating Results Based Accountability (RBA) to measure outcomes over 14 years ago.  

FY 2023 Outcomes Report

2019 Outcomes Report

2018 Outcomes Report

2017 Outcomes Report

2016 Outcomes Report

2015 Outcomes Report


What is Results Based Accountability?

In this episode of NCSS Here for You, Joe Halko connects with Alison Krpmof, Quality Manager; Tony Stevens, Crisis Team Leader; Cara Corneau, Service Coordinator for the Community Support Team; and Amanda Morong, Transitional Support and Academy of Learning Team LEader.  With a focus on the three programs within NCSS and an emphasus on population health, prevention, and wellness, Joe and his guest address the question: is anyone better off?


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