Providers are dedicated to providing learning and socialization opportunities for children throughout Franklin and Grand Isle counties.

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Teachers and toddlers in daycare

St. Albans – National Provider Appreciation Day celebrates Childcare providers and programs that care for children, so parents have the opportunity to be employed, attend educational opportunities, and search for employment. It is the hope that everyone will take a moment to reflect on the number of committed individuals who provide quality childcare in early childhood and afterschool education, making it possible for employers and employees to do the work that makes their communities thrive. It is your reliance on their commitment and dedication to the children in their care that makes their 50 hour (or more) work week meaningful. Please remember to thank them on this special day of recognition for taking care of and educating our future.


Childcare organizations nationwide have joined to declare Friday, May 11, 2018 to be National Provider Appreciation Day.


It is estimated that of the 21 million children under the age of 6 in America, 13 million are in childcare, at least part time. An additional 24 million school-age children are in some form of childcare outside of school time. Early care and education programs are a critical component of the economic foundation of every state as well as offering our youngest citizens the social, emotional, and cognitive learning opportunities that will support their education and growth in later years. As we strive to continually improve the quality of early and afterschool care and learning opportunities for children, the importance of teacher and provider support and recognition comes to the forefront. Provider Appreciation Day offers the opportunity to create the focus for providers to be acknowledged by the people in their communities for their dedicated work. Thank you for caring for and educating Vermont’s youngest citizens!


The Early Childhood Resource team based at NCSS’ Ted Mable Family Center of Northwestern Vermont in St. Albans works with over 140 Licensed and Registered Providers in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties. There will be a celebration by the Starting Points Network Leaders of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties at the Church of the Rock for providers to be recognized.



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