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NCSS Here For You Episode, A Resounding Sep Forward – Second of a two-part series

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Posted: Nov 17, 2022| Categories: Featured , Uncategorized


Matt Habedank, MA, BCBA, ABA, Children’s Behavior Services Program Manager

Amy Johnson, MA, Program Manager / Assistant Director, Parent Child Center of NCSS

Brady Therrien, BS, Service Coordinator of the Community Rehabilitation and Treatment Program

Tim Lyman, Quality Care Team Services Coordinator in the Developmental Services division

The past legislative session saw NCSS and the Designated Mental Health Agency system of care plus, the Parent Child Center network receive increased funding to address the workforce crisis and increased demand for services. Today, members of the NCSS internal Legislative Committee join me for part two of a two part series to discuss successes, look at future challenges and thank the legislators for their support.

Since Brady and Tim were shown on the website for October perhaps Matt and Amy can be shown this month to differentiate the two part series.  And for FB showing Tim and Matt.


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