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Posted: May 02, 2022| Categories: Uncategorized

This is the month in which mental health receives an increased amount of media attention for the RIGHT REASONS.  As everyone continues enduring the pandemic an increased number of people are struggling with their mental health. 

Locally, NCSS will promote how it’s just as important for individuals to take care of their mental health as it is their physical health.  We’ll utilize articles / press releases / website / social media / advertising / TV episode of NCSS Here for You to promote mental health treatment and recovery while reducing stigma. 

This is a month in which YOU should take time to celebrate the great work that you provide throughout the year!  

Here’s one message that we’ll be sharing with the community…

Being Mindful of your Mental Health

Northwestern Counseling & Support Services (NCSS) stresses the importance of being mindful of your mental health just as you would with physical health and nutrition. Unfortunately, there is a social stigma associated with mental health disorders, and this stigma prevents the majority of people struggling with mental health challenges from seeking help. NCSS prefers to view stigma as an acronym for… Striving To IncreaseGood Mental Health Awareness.

To kick-off the month, you’ll find information from the Vermont Department of Health, attached, that includes:

Supporting Child and Youth Mental Health

Social Media and Youth Mental Health

Culture is a Protective Factor

May is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month


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