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Healthy neighbors, healthy communities

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Posted: Jan 29, 2024| Categories: Uncategorized

For the fifth consecutive year, VTDigger is excited to work with Vermont Care Partners to promote the much-needed services of its sixteen respective member agencies which, includes NCSS. They also understand how important it is for our elected officials to know how to support the needs of Vermonters.  

This thirteen-week series is a collaboration produced by members of the Vermont Care Partners statewide network of sixteen non-profit, community-based agencies providing mental health, substance use and intellectual and developmental disability support.

Below is the third installment of the series from Washington County Mental Health Services (WCMHS) focusing on leading the way to wellness through collaborative, accessible and compassionate care.

Healthy neighbors, healthy communities

This is the vision of Washington County Mental Health Services (WCMHS). How does an agency, or a broader community, attain a goal based on a vision? Establish a starting point. That point is “at home”. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is often represented as a pyramid, with shelter listed among the absolute most basic of those needs. While our mission of community outreach brings us to all settings in the community, it is more difficult to deliver vital services when a person does not have a safe place to lay their head. 

That is why WCMHS often collaborates with community housing partners for brick and mortar while we provide services that best suit the needs of our community members. We work regularly with such agencies as Downstreet Community Housing and Development, Good Samaritan Haven and Capstone Community Action, as well as area landlords and more than one hundred individual homeowners who open their homes and hearts to people in need.  Read more by clicking Sponsor Spotlight link…

Healthy neighbors, healthy communities


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