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Dr. Strokoff presentation / discussion: Social Media, Internet, Gaming Addiction, Depression and Suicide Risks in Kids and Teens

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Posted: Mar 28, 2024| Categories: Uncategorized

FAIRFIELD, Vt. (WCAX) – In the digital age, many find themselves staring at screens most of the day, with parents and teachers in attention battles with their kids.

Families and educators in Fairfield heard about the ways to tackle the downsides of social media, the internet, and gaming.

Psychiatrist Dr. Harris Strokoff knows the impacts of the internet, social media, and gaming well.

“I feel like I have, in many ways, had a first-hand seat to watch how it has impacted specifically child development and adult development,” said Dr. Strokoff.

At Fairfield Elementary School Wednesday evening, Strokoff explained to parents and teachers what he’s seen as he treats children and young adults in the digital age, a major issue being internet and gaming addiction.

“You see the same things that you see when people are addicted to drugs and alcohol,” said Dr. Strokoff.

Strokoff says common symptoms of gaming and internet addiction are making up excuses, not being able to stop even when you want to, and withdrawal.

Link to view entire 2 min 38 sec segment:


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