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Amy Johnson et al: Improving, expanding early childhood prevention services

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Posted: Mar 13, 2023| Categories: Uncategorized


Amy Johnson et al: Improving, expanding early childhood prevention services 

This commentary is by Amy Johnson, director of the Parent Child Center of Northwestern Counseling & Support Services; Courtney Farrell, director of the LUND Parent Child Center and co-chair of theVermont Parent Child Center Network; and three physicians from Timber Lane Pediatrics in South Burlington and Milton, Leah Costello. Elizabeth Hunt and Kristen Connolly.

In six distinct communities across Vermont, a nationally recognized evidence-based model is providing unparalleled support to families with young babies. 

DULCE (Developmental Understanding and Legal Collaboration for Everyone) is a universal approach that proactively addresses social determinants of health, promotes the healthy development of infants from birth to six months of age, and provides support to families in the pediatric health care setting. 

With partners across the health, legal and early childhood sectors, this strength-based approach helps parents navigate the challenges of caring for babies, while addressing gaps early on so that children get the very best start. 

A key component of this approach is the family specialist, who is embedded in the pediatric practice. Family specialists, who are Parent Child Center staff members, have advanced training in child development, family-centered relational care, and concrete support problem-solving.  Read more…

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