NCSS Celebrates at the Annual Longevity Awards

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Posted: Feb 01, 2018| Categories: Uncategorized

NCSS held its annual Longevity Awards on January 26th, 2018 to celebrate those employees that been with the agency for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years. This year, Kath Berard-Brown and Oliver Quayle received their awards for an outstanding 25 years of service! Todd Bauman, Executive Director, delivered the keynote address, and division directors addressed employees within their divisions. Stacey Remillard spoke on behalf of Administration; Danielle Lindley Mitchell delivered a speech about the Children, Youth & Family division; Kathy Brown spoke on behalf of the Developmental Services division; Steve Broer shared his thoughts on the work of the Behavioral Health division. While programming is broken up by division, NCSS’ efforts and initiatives are cross-divisional. Everyone working together for the wellbeing of the community is what keeps NCSS strong and makes it a place where people want to work for 25 years!

The leadership team wishes to recognize all of the recipients of awards this year. NCSS’ incredible staff has a choice of their employer; the agency extends heartfelt thanks to everyone for choosing to serve Franklin and Grand Isle Counties as a member of the NCSS team!

5 Years

Amy Anderson
Christopher Antaya
Riley Benway
Kasondra Blair
Deana Chase
Geoffrey Comstock
Leah Curren
Kelsey Dumont
Stephen Farrow
Jennifer Gabriel
Robin Galbraith
Carrie Greenwood
Nicole Hackney
Marinda Ingerson
Karen Johnson-Phenix
Earl Katon
Lisa Langlois
Ashley Lavigne
Tara Lawyer
Margaret Maley
Patrick McLeod
Michael McWatters
Brenda Menard
Bernadette Myers
Courtney Norris
Scott Ovitt
Holly Perry
Joseph Phenix
Meghan Swan
Joshua Tuck


10 Years

Theresa Bigelow
Lisa Briggs
Katherine Goodrich
Matthew Hogan
Kenneth Jacobs
Kattie Lafontaine
Lori Lamos
Michael Lebel
Melissa Machia
Danielle Lindley-Mitchell
Andrea Pariseau
Dana Postemski
Kayla Tatro
Lee Trombley
Tiffany Trombley
Adrian Webb
James Williams


15 Years

Mary Gratton
Thomas Guilbault
Brianne Heyer
Tric Rogati
Anthony Stevens
Michael Tuttle
Amber Unwin


20 Years

Cindy Boren
Beatrice Corwell
Connie Scott

Kathy Brown, with Kath Berard-Brown


Steve Broer, with Oliver Quayle

25 Years

Kathleen Berard-Brown
Oliver Quayle




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