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Franklin County Truancy Intervention Project

A collaboration between Franklin County Schools, DCF, Franklin Grand Isle Restorative Justice Center, the District Attorney, and NCSS.

The Truancy Intervention Project is designed to provide our communities with a multi-system effort to ensure K-8 students' access to education.

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For more information about protocols and referrals see links below:


Tools for monitoring & addressing absences

Addressing Attendance through PBIS


Vermont Statute on Attendance


Community Partners

Contact:  Jeff Benay, Director of Indian Education


Contact:  Rachel McIntyre, Director of Student Support Services


Contact:  Erik Remmers, Principal, Enosburgh High School


Contact:  Joanne Wells, Asst. Director of Special Ed.


Contact: Nina Curtiss, Director; Bo Twiggs, Youth Justice/BARJ Program Manager


Contact:  Jim Hughes, District Attorney; Jen Harris, DCF Family Services; Sarah Baker, Assistant DA


For more information about the Franklin County Truancy Intervention Project, contact NCSS at 802-524-6554 or Hillary Holmes, NCSS Famiy Support Services Team Leader; Celine Riendeau, NCSS Truancy Specialist


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