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Parent Child Center Programs

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Children's Integrated Services (CIS)

CIS Early Intervention

Early Childhood Support

Family and Community Support Services 

Learning Together

Strengthening Families Demonstration Project

Alburgh Parent Child Center @ The NOTCH





The Parent Child Center Programming


CIS Early Intervention Services (EI) provides regional early intervention services to families with children birth to age three who have a delay in development or a medical/genetic condition with a high probability of developmental delay. Services are provided in the setting of the family's choice (home, child care, physician's office, playgroup, etc.) and may include speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, as well coordination of services.  Families are connected with the supports and resources needed to meet their child's unique needs through the development of a One Plan.



The Early Childhood Support team strives to help young children and their families meet goals in health, parenting, and education. The team provides services through Early Childhood and Family Mental Health, Learning Together, and Strengthening Families. Early Childhood and Family Mental Health is primarily a prevention program that provides home visits and mental health consultation to pregnant women, families with children under the age of six, child care providers, and early education teachers. The goal of the services is to ensure families are able to meet identified health, parenting, and education goals, and that children will have social-emotional skills to be successful in the school setting. Services include parenting education, behavioral support, child development information, mental health consultation, and community referrals. 

Family and Community Support Services is a variety of programs that provide support and assistance to families, child care providers, and community members. Services includes the Child Care Financial Assistance Program, Child and Adult Care Food Program, Professional Development Resources, Child Care Referral Program, Provider Group Leader Support (Starting Points), Reach Up, and CIS Child Care Coordinator and Specialized Child Care.

Family and Community Support Services also offers a Car Seat Fitting Station which provides education to families and the community around correct usage of car seats and seat belts to protect vehicle passengers. At the fitting station, families can have their car seats checked at no cost and purchase new seats as appropriate at income eligible prices.


The Learning Together program provides parenting education, employable job skills, independent living skills, and therapeutic support services to pregnant and parenting adolescents under the age of 22. The goal of the program is to decrease subsequent pregnancies among adolescents, and to increase education and employment opportunities. Learning Together works closely and collaboratively with local school, Vermont Adult Learning, and the Department for Children and Families Economic Services Division. Services are provided in a community classroom setting within Vermont Adult Learning, with the option for home visits and community assistance as well. 


Strengthening Families is a partnership with our Parent Child Center and Department for Children and Families Family Service Division to address families experiencing substance use, criminal issues, and risk factors associated with child abuse and neglect. The program offers support through the Five Protective Factors; Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development, Concrete Supports in Times of Need, Children's Social and Emotional Competence, Parental Resilience, and Social connections. This program provides regular home visits with families with a child under the age of three, and works closely and frequently with DCF Family Services to ensure improved saftey in the home and to decrease the number of children entering state custody. 

The Alburgh Family Center is part of the Children, Youth & Family Division of Northwestern Counseling & Support Services. As a member of the Vermont Parent Child Center Network the Family Center offers a wide variety of services for families. We strive to collaborate with local and state agencies to ensure that families receive the supports that they want and need in their communities. At the Alburgh Family Center we believe in creating a stronger community one person at a time. If you are interested in hearing more about what the Alburgh Family Center can do for you, please contact Margaret Maley at  393-6591.


Children's Integrated Services: CIS is a statewide prevention and early intervention program that promotes a child's growth and development and supports families during pregnancy/postpartum and their child's early years.  This program provides: Early Intervention, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health, Nursing and Family Support, and Specialized Child Care.  An interdisciplinary team meets frequently to ensure that supports are well coordinated and that progress towards family-identified goals is being made. 

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