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About Us

  • Private, non-profit human services agencyNorthwest Counseling Vermont
  • Governed by a community Board of Directors
  • Funded by fees for service, health insurance, state and federal grants, government waivers, town allocations, community partner contracts and donations from local businesses and individuals
  • Located on the campus of Northwestern Medical Center
  • Proud, local healthcare partner
  • Partner of the Center for Health and Wellness alliance
  • Franklin-Grand Isle United Way member agency
  • History of helping people in Franklin & Grand Isle Counties since 1958 (formerly Franklin-Grand Isle Mental Health Agency)




we’re here for you

Purpose Statement:

Creating a stronger community one person at a time.

Our Mission:

To ensure that the residents of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties have access to high quality services, which promote healthy living and emotional well-being.

Our Vision:

Northwestern Counseling & Support Services (NCSS) welcomes all citizens to join us in cultivating a partnership with Franklin and Grand Isle Counties and with the surrounding communities. We affirm our commitment to offer consumer directed services that are easily accessible and delivered in a comfortable setting.

To truly serve, we must work side by side with community members and other care providers offering an array of services that are available and open to all.

We embrace the role of a health care leader in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties and commit ourselves to positive outcomes to promote growth and learning. Northwestern Counseling & Support Services acknowledges that people are our community's most important asset as we challenge ourselves to build the faith and trust of those we serve.

Our Values:

  • Safety
  • Responsiveness
  • Compassion
  • Integrity

Strategic Plan 2011-2016

Strategic Plan Addendum

Center For Health and Wellness

Center For Health And Well Being

The Center for Health and Wellness is a collaborative partnership of Northwestern Medical Center, Franklin County Home Health Agency, Northwestern Counseling & Support Services, and the Vermont Department of Health.

These four organizations have partnered to provide a wider range of programming than we could provide independently. We are also working with other groups in the community to expand the resources available even further.

Our mission is to prevent disease and improve the overall health of our community. We do this through education, services and support to help people help themselves live a healthier lifestyle.

The Center for Health and Wellness offers a variety of wellness programs, health screenings, first aid, CPR, babysitting classes and business-based wellness programs.

Many programs and classes are offered free of charge.

A flyer of Center for Health & Wellness programs and events is distributed quarterly in local newspapers.

To register for programs or to sign up for the flyer mailing list, please call the Northwestern Medical Center's Lifestyle Medicine Office at 524-1234.